Insurance Products

With a wealth of knowledge in all areas of Short-Term Insurance but more specifically in Body Corporate, Heavy Commercial Trucking and Commercial Insurance, we are well-positioned to provide excellent service within these areas of insurance.

Body Corporate Insurance / Sectional Title

Covers against loss or damage due to flood, fire, vandalism, theft, accidental damage and other perils, burst geysers and any resultant damages therefrom, Trustees indemnity to name a few.

Fidelity Cover: The recent amendments to the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act (CSOSA) and Sectional Title Schemes Management Act have made it mandatory for all Body Corporates to hold Fidelity Guarantee insurance now. We deal with the top insurer for this cover which ensures you get the right cover required by Law.

Commercial Insurance

Whether you are just starting out or if you’ve spent many years building your business you need the best cover to protect it. We are here to provide you with just that! We deal with various insurance companies including the country’s top insurers to give you options that will suit your unique needs as well as your budget.

We pride ourselves on personal service and so will provide you with a full needs analysis.

Commercial Business insurance covers we offer include Fire, Plant & Machinery, Stock, Business Interruption, Office Contents, Public Liability including Products Liability, Accidental losses, Theft / Burglaries, Employee dishonesty and many more.

Due to the vast array of covers and the often complex options we prefer to discuss your needs personally. Contact us now to discuss what you require.


Geysers all have a limited life span which can result in a high number of losses for a Body Corporate. In some instances the Body Corporate may decide to exclude this cover completely. We have sourced a stand-alone geyser cover to ensure you don’t have to go without this cover.

Contingency Goods In Transit

This type of cover is normally held by logistics / transport brokers. The cover under this is meant to cover the goods only in the event that the standard goods in transit does not respond to a claim. The trucking client will normally have the goods in transit policy whilst the logistics broker will hold a goods in transit contingency policy.

Credit Shortfall / Top Up Cover

This insurance covers the difference between the retail value of the truck / trailer and the amount outstanding to the bank. If at the time of an accident / claim you owe the finance company more than the current retail value of a truck / trailer due to interest and finance charges, this will cover the difference. It is very important cover as you wouldn’t want to be paying off a truck / trailer you no longer have due to the interest and finance charges.

Downtime Insurance

If your truck has been stolen or hijacked or has to be in for repairs for any period of time following a valid claim this will cover you for a specified amount (that you choose) to cover the loss of income. You will also select the number of weeks you would like to be compensated. A premium will be charged according to the amount and number of weeks you choose.

Excess Buy Down

Excesses on trucks and trailers tend to be much higher than a standard vehicle, some can be as high as R395 000 on new trucks. This is due to the nature of the risk, the high values of new trucks and the extent of the damages than can occur in event of a claim and so it is highly recommended that you buy the excesses down to a reasonable level for an additional premium. It makes far more financial sense to pay a little per month than having to come up with very large excesses at claim time.

Goods In Transit

As a transporter you will be transporting goods – this cover insure the goods that you transport for your client. You can choose cover based on your needs, either All Risks or Limited cover. We always advise our clients to insured goods on an All Risks basis.

Please note that due to legislation trucking clients are not able to charge their individual clients a separate insurance cost since they are not authorised financial service providers. The cost of insurance has to be included into the haulier expense structure and their fees adjusted as all inclusive.

Trucks & Trailers

Insurance cover for vehicles with a gross vehicle mass over 3 500kgs and all types of trailers attached thereto. This type of insurance covers the trucks and trailers against accident damage, theft and hijack. There are numerous additional covers including Mechanical Breakdown towing, Personal Accident for drivers, Excess Buyback to reduce the often very high excesses and many more.

The trucks and trailers should be insured at Current Retail value as this is the value insurers will work on at the time of a claim to settle the claim. Always ensure that you have the correct year, make and model of truck and trailer to ensure that you have the correct Retail value. The best way is with the Mead& McGrouther vehicle code.

Insurance cover on comprehensive basis will also include damage to third party property or vehicles as a result of your vehicle causing the damage. Heavy truck insurance is specialised and generally has to be taken out if a client is carrying third party goods.

Windscreen cover may or may not be included, depending on the insurance company providing the cover. Always check with your broker if windscreen cover is included.

There are many methods of insuring trucks with the most conventional method being risk transfer from client to insurer in consideration for payment of premium. Other methods of insuring for larger fleets include aggregate excess and/or self-funding.

All Risks

These are items that are normally worn or carried around with a client. Cover is worldwide

There are 2 types of All Risks:

Unspecified: Clothing and personal effects;

These are items normally worn or carried around with you outside your home. You select a lump sum figure to cover these. Depending on the product, the insurer may limit a claim settlement to 25% of the total sum insured per item, eg. You have a lump sum of R10 000 cover. Your handbag is stolen with a purse and various other personal items. You can claim up to R2 500 for the handbag and up to R2 500 for the purse.

Specified All Risks

This encompasses any other items such as cell phones, laptops, high value jewellery, etc. which is listed per item with its value on the policy.

Buildings / Home Owners

This insures the fixed structure against fire, lightning, explosion, storm, wind, water, flood, hail, bursting or leaking of water apparatus and pipes, impact damage. The house should be insured for full replacement value. This means that the buildings must be insured for the cost of re-building the property in its entirety INCLUDING the cost of tiles, plumbing, roofing, electrical work, architects and other professional fees. Please note that this applies to individual homes only.Should you live in a complex please refer to our Body Corporate page

Additional extensions either included or available at additional premium, depending on the insurer:

  • Glass and sanitary ware
  • Rent– should you need to find alternative accommodation if your home is uninhabitable
  • Water-pumping machinery
  • Public supply or mains connections
  • Public authority requirements
  • Fire brigade charges
  • Demolition and professional fees
  • Security Guard
  • Removal of fallen trees
  • Subsidence and Landslip
  • Home Assistance


This insurance will cover the caravan against accident, theft and hijack. The caravan should be insured for retail value. Insurance cover on comprehensive basis will also include damage to third party property or vehicles as a result of your caravan causing damage to third party property or third party vehicles.

Additional extensions either included or available at additional premium, depending on the insurer:

  • Protection and Repair
  • Delivery after repair

Household Insurance

This cover applies to the premises only. Insures the household contents against, fire, lightning, storm, wind, flood, snow, hail, water, explosion, impact damage, theft and malicious damage. Household Contents refer only to the moveable items that can be taken with when a home owner decides to move from one residence to another.

The general minimum security requirements that insurance companies have is that all opening windows including louvres be fitted with burglar bars. Additionally all external doors including glass sliding doors and any inter-leading doors to garages should have security gates on them.

Depending on the product there can be limited cover for jewellery and other high value items. This is normally calculated as a percentage of the Contents sum insured. Additionally jewellery items over a specific value will need to be in a locked safe when not being worn.

Additional extensions either included or available at additional premium, depending on the insurer:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Audio Visual Equipment and Glass
  • Guests and Domestic Staff Property
  • Refrigerator and deep freeze contents
  • Keys and Locks
  • Documents
  • Medical and Veterinary Expenses
  • Accidental Death
  • Rent – should you need to find alternative accommodation if your home is uninhabitable following a claim
  • Security Guard
  • Hole in one
  • Full House
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Clearance Costs
  • Transit – when moving to a new home
  • Damage to Gardens
  • Credit cards
  • Home Assistance


This insurance will cover the motorcycle against accident, theft and hijack. The motorcycle should be insured for retail value. Insurance cover on comprehensive basis will also include damage to third party property or vehicles as a result of your motorcycle causing damage to third party property or third party vehicles

Additional extensions either included or available at additional premium, depending on the insurer:

  • Protection and Repair
  • Delivery after repair

Personal Liability

This covers you against liability that you may become legally liable to pay as compensation for accidental death, bodily injury or accidental loss.

This cover is automatically added in if Household Contents is taken.

Personal Motor Insurance

This insurance will cover the vehicle against accident, theft and hijack. The vehicle should be insured for retail value plus any additional accessories that have been added such as mag wheels, sports packs, parking assist, etc. Insurance cover on comprehensive basis will also include damage to third party property or vehicles as a result of your vehicle causing the damage.

Certain specialised products are also available for high value exotic vehicle as well as classic older vehicles.

Three types of cover are available

  • Comprehensive
    • Covers the vehicle against accident, fire, theft/hijack, window glass damage and replacement as well as liability to third parties
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
    • Covers the vehicle against theft/hijack, fire as well as liability to third parties
  • Third Party only
    • Coves the vehicles against any liability that may arise to third parties as result of accident caused by you

Additional extensions either included or available at additional premium, depending on the insurer:

  • Credit shortfall/Top up cover
    • This will insure against the difference between retail value and the amount owing to the bank / finance company.
  • Car Hire
    • This extension will ensure that the client is able to hire a vehicle for the duration whilst his vehicle is being repaired (normally this is limited to 30 days although some insurers offer a longer period)
  • Windscreen cover-automatically included with Comprehensive cover
  • Emergency Hotel Expenses
  • Wreckage removal
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Locks and Keys
  • Tracking device
  • Medical Expenses
  • Protection and Repair
  • Delivery after repair
  • Repatriation
    • Specialist cover is available for vehicles who travel outside borders of South Africa but within Africa and repatriation is required from the country outside of South Africa in event of accident
  • Roadside Assistance


This will insure the vessel against accident, fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, volcanic eruption, malicious acts, theft or attempted theft, loss or damage to outboard motors that are securely fixed to the vessel as well as any liability that may occur to third parties

The vessel should be insured for replacement cost of a similar type and age of vehicle

Additional extensions either included or available at additional premium, depending on the insurer:

  • Credit Shortfall
  • Emergency and salvage expenses
  • Transit risks excluding liability to third parties(this is better insured under the motor section)
  • Skier’s liability may also be available on certain products

Additional equipment such as fishing equipment

Travel Insurance

You’ve just purchased a trip of a lifetime and are ready to fly off to dip your toes in soft white sand and warm turquoise waters. Wait! What if something goes wrong?

Travel insurance is an all important aspect of your trip. We offer various packages to suit your needs and you budget. Most travel insurance starts when you arrive at the airport to catch your flight – we offer cover from when you leave your front door! That will cover you even if you have an accident on the way to the airport and have to reschedule your dream trip!

Call us for a quote!

Engineering & Contract Works

Contract works insurance is an All Risk type policy for builders and covers accidental risks of physical loss or physical damage to the contract works during construction. The policy can pay out to repair or redo work in progress if damaged by events like fire, flood, storm, theft or vandalism. It also provides Third party Liability cover.

Businesses that need this type of insurance include property developers, building contractors, in fact just about anyone involved in the construction industry.

It’s important to buy the right level of contract works insurance, so you’re adequately covered if you need to make a claim. To calculate this, you need to select a cover level that equates to the total cost of your largest project, including labour and materials. This is the case even if your largest project spans over more than one year.

Engineering insurance offers cover for your plant equipment or engineering machinery and also protects against losses from unwanted breakdowns. Again Third Party Liability can also be included.

Other Insurance

Professional Indemnity or Professional Liability insurance protects you and you’re your company against costs, compensation, legal expenses and / or damages incurred in the event it is alleged that you provided inadequate or incorrect advice or were negligent in any way or in breach of your duties. The cover extends to cover for errors or omissions in your professional performance.

With our increasing litigious society it is imperative that you protect yourself and your business as much as possible. The cost of defending yourself, whether you are guilty or not, can be extremely high, and can even financially ruin a business.

Anyone who provides a service and / or gives advice should have Professional Indemnity insurance.

Directors and Officers Liability insurance, also known and D&O, offers liability insurance to cover the Directors and Officers of a company against alleged wrongful acts they may be accused of in the course of their duties. Often civil and criminal actions are brought against directors / officers simultaneously and so D&O cover can extend to cover the defense costs arising out of this.

D&O insurance is vitally important as Directors and Offices of a company can be held personally liable for any alleged wrongful acts during their course of their duties.

Section 78(7) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (“the Act”) makes provision for directors of companies incorporated in terms of the Act to maintain D&O Liability Insurance in respect of their potential liabilities arising out of the Act and other legislation.