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Other Insurance

Other Insurance

Professional Indemnity or Professional Liability insurance protects you and you’re your company against costs, compensation, legal expenses and / or damages incurred in the event it is alleged that you provided inadequate or incorrect advice or were negligent in any way or in breach of your duties. The cover extends to cover for errors or omissions in your professional performance.

With our increasing litigious society it is imperative that you protect yourself and your business as much as possible. The cost of defending yourself, whether you are guilty or not, can be extremely high, and can even financially ruin a business.

Anyone who provides a service and / or gives advice should have Professional Indemnity insurance.


Directors and Officers Liability insurance, also known and D&O, offers liability insurance to cover the Directors and Officers of a company against alleged wrongful acts they may be accused of in the course of their duties. Often civil and criminal actions are brought against directors / officers simultaneously and so D&O cover can extend to cover the defense costs arising out of this.

D&O insurance is vitally important as Directors and Offices of a company can be held personally liable for any alleged wrongful acts during their course of their duties.

Section 78(7) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (“the Act”) makes provision for directors of companies incorporated in terms of the Act to maintain D&O Liability Insurance in respect of their potential liabilities arising out of the Act and other legislation.

Engineering & Contract Works

Contract works insurance is an All Risk type policy for builders and covers accidental risks of physical loss or physical damage to the contract works during construction. The policy can pay out to repair or redo work in progress if damaged by events like fire, flood, storm, theft or vandalism. It also provides Third party Liability cover.

Businesses that need this type of insurance include property developers, building contractors, in fact just about anyone involved in the construction industry.

It’s important to buy the right level of contract works insurance, so you’re adequately covered if you need to make a claim. To calculate this, you need to select a cover level that equates to the total cost of your largest project, including labour and materials. This is the case even if your largest project spans over more than one year.

Engineering insurance offers cover for your plant equipment or engineering machinery and also protects against losses from unwanted breakdowns. Again Third Party Liability can also be included.

M and W Insurance Brokers has won the Santam silver award for brokers in the KZN and was nominated for an award from MUA Insurance Acceptances.

M and W Insurance Brokers are proud members of the Financial Intermediaries Association and the Insurance Institute of KZN.