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As we start the downhill slide to the end of 2018 I am wondering where this year went. It seems as though we were celebrating this New Year just the other day, not 10 months ago!

Now is a good time to revise your insurance covers to ensure you have everything in place before the December holidays. We have included some handy tips in this newsletter to bear in mind.

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Small Business Insurance

As a small business owner you may not regard insurance as essential BUT did you realise that 25% of all businesses close down following a disaster? Proper insurance can assist in preventing this.

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Contractor’s All Risks cover – Why it is so important.

As a professional contractor you should have accurate and adequate insurance in place.
As a homeowner dealing with renovations you should know to check that your contractor has this cover in place.

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Tips to ensure a worry-free holiday season

We can feel summer in the air, along with the excitement of upcoming vacations and time away from work pressures. October is a good month to review your insurance covers. You may need additional covers and insurers place restrictions at this time of the year. Here are some handy tips to assist with your insurance review:

  1. Buildings -> the sum insured must include all professional fees, demolition/removal of debris fees as well as the current cost to rebuild a home similar to the one you have on your policy. Are you 100% certain your sum insured is adequate?
  2. Do you have House contents cover? Insurers do not accept new House contents policies around the last 2 months of the year.
  3. Motor vehicles -> Have you added any accessories to your vehicle? If so you need to inform us of this so these can be noted on your policy. There can be no question at claim time if your motor accessories are all listed with values. Read more on this…
  4. Done any shopping lately? Any high value items should be specified under All Risks (some insurers do not require this). You may have purchased a new digital camera and forgot to tell us. Do a quick check of your high value items to ensure they are listed on your policy.
  5. Proof of ownership -> Most of us don’t keep purchase receipts but in the event of a claim insurers will ask for proof of ownership. You can provide this with the copy of the receipt or a photo of the item, a photo of the box or even the instruction manual will suffice.

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