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Or has it…? We had just started enjoying the warmer temperatures when this recent cold front brought in the snow and some seriously chilly days, and downright freezing nights!

Hopefully that is the last of the cold snaps, although we usually get another fresh surprise around October, so don’t pack away all the winter woolies just yet!

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If we need to update your contact details please email us.

Following our communication in July notifying you of the new legislation we have to comply with, we do apologise for the delay in getting the documentation to you. There have been various further changes and so we decided to wait until we knew we had the correct information and documents to send to you. We are almost there, so please expect a rather lengthy document from us in the near future.

This will comprise our Service Level Agreement between you and us. It is imperative that you read, sign and return this to us within the stipulated time-frame.

We do understand that it will be time-consuming and not the most exciting read but please bear with us on this. We have to have these signed documents in place by 31 December 2018 in order to continue doing business with you.

Artificial Intelligence driving your car?

You may have heard of self-driving vehicles but with all the test crashes this may take many years to arrive still. In the interim new advances in Artificial intelligence may be taking its place – if only till legislation catches up.

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How much do you REALLY know about Cybersecurity?

South Africa is listed as one of the ten globally most vulnerable countries to cyber attacks. If we don’t educate ourselves and become more proactive we could be heading for disaster. This not only affects businesses, small and large, but your personal capacity too.

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When last did you read your policy…?

Be honest now! When last did you actually read through an email with your policy schedule….AND the policy wording. Did you know that your policy schedule is a legal contract between you and your insurer, through us, your Broker. We do as much as humanly possible within the parameters of the short-term legislation to ensure that you have the best cover possible. You do still have a responsibility to check the documents though, especially sums insured, motor values and motor accessories. Items like canopies and binliners depreciate over time and we cannot determine these values – it is up to you!
We regularly remind you of the clause of Average and the vital importance of adequate sums insured, especially on Fire, Stock, Buildings, Contents (office and home). It can be financially devastating to find out at claim stage that you are not adequately insured.
Another important factor to consider is the economic climate in South Africa. The depreciation of the Rand can have a dramatic impact on the value of you goods, personal and business.
So PLEASE take the time to read through the documents we send to you. If you have any queries or concerns we are just an email or phone call away.

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