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Well we certainly hit the ground running in 2019! Can you believe we are almost through the first quarter of the year? I do think this year is whizzing by even faster than last.
There have been a fair number of challenges in these 3 months between the ongoing severe weather and the ever popular load shedding!
We urge to to take as many precautionary measure as you can to help prevent unnecessary damages. Here are some ideas:

– Get good quality surge protectors. One is not always home when the power goes off to unplug electronics, appliances, etc. A quality surge protector will go a long way to ensuring your goods don’t get zapped when the power comes back on. See the article at the end of this newsletter.
– Do regular maintenance on your property including clearing out gutters, checking soil build up around walls and fences. Leaves and debris build up and easily block drainage gutters during heavy rains, causing them to either overflow where they shouldn’t or simply break! We have an interesting article on the wall / fence and soil article so you can read more on this below.

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How much do you know about National Building Regulations?

What you DON’T know could cost you – a very interesting read from CIA Building Insurance Specialistis.

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It only happens elsewhere…

South Africa is fast moving up the list of most targeted country exposed to cybercrime. We tend to think we are off the radar of unscrupulous hackers but the hard fact is that many small businesses are being targeted here. Once hacked your business can be crippled, draining resources, not to mention the reputational damage that is suffered. SHA can provide the cover you need!

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Load Shedding remains a HOT TOPIC!

Even though we may not currently be experiencing load shedding we know it will rear its head again soon. We need to take extra precautions to ensure that our homes and business are left in a safe state. Here is what can happen when one does not take precautions – the consequences can be devastating! These are from actual claims.

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